(March 18th)




Beginning March 15th, this site will be inactivated for about four weeks.


I am currently moving my stock to a new location in Figeac, France before flying to Noumea, New Caledonia on March 25th (which flight being possibly delayed again due to new COVID regulations).


After a compulsory sanitary quarantine of two weeks on arrival, our site will be activated again with new pages showing an entirely renewed stock…


Items currently presented (but not available for the moment) are those stocked in France…


For any enquiry, please feel free to email me at : jce27@canl.nc.


Thanks for waiting!





Welcome to La Malle du Gouverneur!


Jean-Claude and Patrick (left to right)
Jean-Claude and Patrick (left to right)


  Who are we?


   Two friends fond of antiques, each one with its own favorite domains.

Being associates for several years in the same shop, we are given in turn the ability to travel to Europe or Asian countries and make good finds at the best price...  

Boutique à Nouméa de La Malle du Gouverneur
Our shop in Noumea, New Caledonia




  In Noumea, New Caledonia. This location, although being at the antipodes of Europe, is in fact, a chance : it compels us to travel to re-assort our shelves several times a year and keeps us being constantly on the move.

Our Island offers daily international flights and the Postal Service is very secure.

  Items currently presented on the site are located in France...

Our specialties:



Plateau portant un nécessaire de fumeur d'opium complet : pipe, lampe, fourneaux, outils et ringard.
Nécessaire complet de fumeur d'opium, sur son plateau

 Opium smoking paraphernalia


   Poorly known until now, this collecting for connoisseurs has gained a great success in recent years. Good authentic items are quite rare and nowadays much sought after …


You will find here a good selection of items.




Unique exemplaire signé connu du billet de 100 francs de la Banque de la Nouvelle-Calédonie (1874-1877). Collection J.-C. Estival.
100 F note from the Banque de la Nouvelle-Calédonie (1874-1877). Unique issued specimen known. (Coll. J.C. Estival)

 French Pacific banknotes


  One of the two of us having been a serious collector for 35 years, he has succeeded in gathering some unique banknotes...


Once or twice a year we have a table in the International Paper-money show in Maastricht… unfortunately not during 2020.




Khmer vajra in bronze. Angkor region (c. XII century)
Khmer vajra in bronze. Angkor region (c. XII century)

Asian antiques and specially:


  – antique khmers bronzes ;

  – chinese porcelain from wrecks







 Finally : books on New Caledonia and the Pacific region


  During thirty years of searching we have built an extensive collection of books including more than 3,000 titles on New Caledonia (of course most of them read in french language!).

You will find some of them in english in our catalogs (downloadable in .pdf)




  In these rather different sections, we hope you will be able to find what you are looking for by clicking on the word ON-LINE SHOP in the black band on top of this page or on the following thread : on-line shop

For any question feel free to contact us by clicking on: contact, as many more items are not shown here...